A Guide through the Aftermath: Understanding DOT FMCSA Post-Accident Drug Testing Criteria

Understanding DOT FMCSA Post-Accident Drug Testing -Criteria-120

It is of the utmost importance that our roadways be safe. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which is part of the Department of Transportation, plays a significant role in ensuring this safety by formulating and enforcing laws for commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) that are operating on public highways. The need for commercial motor […]

Minimize Risk, Maximize Results: Your Guide to Workplace Safety

workplace drug-test

Every worker has the fundamental right to work in a safe workplace, which is not just a legal obligation but also a fundamental right. This intervention fosters a pleasant work culture, increases productivity, and reduces costly downtime due to accidents and injuries. However, to achieve and maintain workplace safety, a proactive approach is required. This […]

Understanding Drug & Alcohol Testing in North America: A Comprehensive Guide


What is drug and alcohol testing? Drug and alcohol tests look at biological samples such as hair, blood, saliva, urine, or blood to determine whether someone is using legal or illegal drugs or alcohol. A few important things to know about drug and drinking tests: • Why and What Kinds: • Limitations: A single drug […]